I am a graphic designer based in San Francisco, currently employed as art director at Terris, Barnes, and Walters, an award-winning political consultancy.

I also design music, film, and other arts-related projects under the name The Mystery Parade.

Presented here are several examples of my work in music and film, as well as politics, editorial, and logo design. Click each image at right for more information on each project.

Catalogue number TMP30/version 28

©2015 Maximillian Mark Medina


John Fryer

Package design for Dark Drive Clinic, the seminal producer’s band with singer Rebecca Coseboom

The Echoing Green

Package and merchandise designs for the band’s most recent album, In Scarlet And Vile

SF Concert Posters

For San Francisco Bay Area club concerts

Pathfinder Pictures

Movie poster and DVD package designs

Cinema Epoch

Movie poster and DVD package designs

Paramount Pictures

DVD and Blu-Ray package designs

Political Designs

Created at Terris, Barnes & Walters, a leading political consultancy based in San Francisco

Selected Projects

Miscellaneous designs

Stripmall Architecture

Designs for the San Francisco Bay Area band’s second and third albums

MAXIMILLIAN MARK MEDINA Art Direction & Graphic Design San Francisco

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